Merchant FAQs

Since 1988, thousands of local and national companies have turned our members into their customers. It's time for you to do the same! If you would like to learn more about PerksConnect and how you can benefit as one of our merchants, please feel free to contact us by email at or by calling us at 1-877-253-7100.

What is PerksConnect?
PerksConnect members are looking for your business on their mobile phone and on the web. By creating an offer for your business on PerksConnect you can attract new customers and connect with your current customers more often. Our messaging feature allows merchants to send messages to their Favorite customers offering special deals and promotions to a select group.

What does it cost a member to join PerksConnect?
PerksConnect is free for members

Why should I become a PerksConnect merchant?
Becoming a PerksConnect merchant allows you to effectively promote your business to millions of members nationwide. Plus, when you join PerksConnect, you're joining one of the nation's fastest growing loyalty companies. PerksConnect will help you grow your sales and improve your bottom line through these benefits:
  • New merchants are announced to PerksConnect corporate clients in their area
  • Merchants can post information about their business as well as discounts and offers to the PerksConnect mobile app or website
  • Periodic emails are sent to registered PerksConnect members containing merchant information
  • Free, time-saving tools help merchants promote offers more efficiently
  • All merchants automatically get access to the same benefits available to cardholders - including a wide selection of discounts for everyday shopping
  • With our interactive tools, merchants will be able to change their offers, add specials or hot deals and outbound market to members who download the PerksConnect mobile app
Who uses PerksConnect?
Anyone who likes to save money is a potential PerksConnect member. We serve major corporations, hospitals, schools and associations who have millions of employees and members.

How do I become a participating merchant?
Merchants must be willing to offer a discount or incentive to our PerksConnect members. Please contact us to learn more.

How do I change/update my discount?
Through our merchant dashboard you can change you offer as often as you like. This tool gives you the flexibility to push out offers based on day of week or time of year.
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