Perks Testimonials
What are people and businesses saying about PerksConnect...?
“We have already received a few calls from this program. With the economy the way it is, I hope it will continue to drive more people in.”
–Robert Harvey, 220 Video
“I’m excited that I will be able to link to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help drive my business.”
–Kimberly Soria, XCENTRIC Estate Sales LLC
“The site is good and easy to navigate.”
–Renee Nguyen, Reflection Hair and Nails
“I’m happy to hear that I can link to my Facebook account.”
–Nadine Rhyme, Cove Bridal
“The site is very nice and simple. I have already created an ad and linked to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.”
–Glenn Pollack, PGS Printing and Graphic Services LLC
“The program is great. I hope it will help drive more people to my business.”
–Debra O’Connor, Peanuts Towing Santa Fe
“The site is very easy to navigate.”
–James Poboyle, Central Transmission and Auto Service
“This is a great benefit to my customers. It will be nice to link offers and deals to my Facebook account.”
–Daniel Mowery, DRMFit LLC
“The program is a great benefit for my business and will help get more people in.”
–Melinda Gaideski, Beautee Bow-Teke